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What is Active Learning?

In active learning a variety of strategies (e.g. ‘rainbow grouping’ - imagine a posh dinner party where you actually follow the rule that you should mingle, and carousel learning - a kind of educational circuits ) are used to shift the teacher’s role more towards facilitator.

Lessons are less, ‘I stand at the front; you look at me and write’ and more ‘I support you in your investigative learning’.

Recently, of course, significant chunks of learning have moved into an online space. The adjustment to online practice has been impressively rapid – indicative of the passion that skilled teachers have worldwide. Yet there is a risk that the move online will allow the potential drift to online programmes replacing the teacher, banishing active learning, and tethering the student and teacher to a keyboard and screen. Rather than allowing technology to replace the teacher, we seek to utilise technology as a bridge to the teacher to keep sessions active and engaging.

At Triquetra Education we tackle this by using media creatively. For example, teach figurative language and then have students write flashcards. Play a cheesy song and them go nuts! We also engage students in offline games through the camera, be it through traditional games, arts and crafts, or even movement!

Tell us what other strategies you are using in your online sessions to keep things active?

Interested in active tutoring? Get in touch with us to ask more.


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