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Our exceptional tutors provide guidance in virtually every subject, be it exam-focused preparation, 11+ readiness, or simply the joy of learning.


For educators, our meticulous marking service ensures precise assessment. Plus, a portion of our profits fuels impactful social initiatives, making education accessible to all.

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Social Impact

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Girl with Laptop


Welcome to a world of tailored learning! At Triquetra Education, we offer a diverse array of subjects taught by enthusiastic students and graduates from elite universities. Our tutors aren't just experts; they're friendly, supportive mentors dedicated to your success.


Whether you're gearing up for exams, aiming for 11+ entrance excellence, or simply eager to enhance your learning, we've got you covered—all conveniently online. Embrace the benefits of personalized education, designed to boost confidence and maximize your potential.


Simplify your teaching journey by submitting GCSE mock and practice papers to us. In return, receive graded papers, each with personalised student targets and an analytical report that maps out class strengths and areas for improvement, all within a week.


We mark English, Maths and Sciences papers. Our dedicated team ensures precision and efficiency, allowing you to focus on tailored teaching strategies that drive student success.

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Social Impact

At our core, we believe education should be a right, not a privilege. That's why a portion of our profits at Triquetra is dedicated to providing free lessons, ensuring no student is left behind.


Our initiative, born during the pandemic, tackles educational inequalities head-on. By fairly compensating our tutors and offering free lessons, we bridge the gap, making high-quality education accessible to all.

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Our Tutoring

What Makes Us Different?


Academic excellence

Our tutors, graduates from top-10 UK universities, embody academic brilliance. But here's the magic - they're not just experts; they're your friendly mentors, fostering a supportive environment where learning thrives.


Social Impact

With a portion of our profits, we break barriers by providing free education to deserving students. We invest in our tutors, ensuring they have the tools they need, and bridge the digital divide by supplying internet solutions for families without WIFI.


All online

Our online tutoring isn't just convenient; it's dynamic and engaging. From interactive quizzes to immersive videos and Kahoot! challenges, we bring the excitement of learning right to your screen, anywhere in the world


Personal Contact

As a small, independent company, we offer a personal touch that large corporations can't match. Have a concern? You know exactly who to reach out to. Your success is our priority, and we're here to guide you, every step of the way

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If you want to become a Triquetra tutor yourself, don't hesitate to apply to a vacancy or send in your CV.

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